Protects For 8 Hours Against:
• Harsh Chemicals and Industrial Solvents
• Household Cleaners
• Gasoline, Diesel Fuel & Motor Oil
• Garlic, Onions & Fish Oils
• Printing Inks
• Paints & Stains
• Bacteria
• Cosmetic Chemicals
• Garden Fertilizers & Insecticides

• Prevents Contact Dermatitis
• Does Not Wash Off With Soap And Water
• Comes Off With Natural Sloughing Of The Skin
• Simple to Use
• Non-Greasy
• Non-Toxic
Skin Protectant
Industrial Size

2000ml Refill Bottle
for Bulk dispenser

Protects against:

Jet Fuel
Other Hydraulic Fluids

Skin Protectant
Personal Size

AD-6T (6 oz.Tube)

A must for around the house, garage and yard.

Skin Protectant
Mini Size

AD-PB (15 ml.)
Sachet ideal for handbag or toolbox each sachet is sufficient for for up to 10 applications.

Armadilloshould be used by all people who value the integrity of their skin.

Occupations that really benefit from
regular use of Armadillo™ include:
• Horticulture including Gardening and Yard Work
• Automotive and Aircraft Mechanics
• Medical & Dental Technicians
• Cosmetologists
• Mariners, Divers & Fishermans
• Construction Workers, Inspectors, Painters
• Anyone Working with corrosive or
dangerous chemicals

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