Roly International TURBINADE TA-A is a penetrant and cleaner designed specifically for use on turbine engines. It is ideal for cleaning and servicing jet engines of all types. Apply TURBINADE TA-A for stubborn slide or screw connectors as well as fasteners to afford better workability for the technicians and engineers. When removing and replacing aircraft engines, including jet as well as reciprocating types, TURBINADE TA-A can be used with confidence as its formula has been thoroughly tested by a reputable independent laboratory according to General Electric Commercial Engine Task #70-16-80-700-009 and other OEM requirements. Roly International assures its quality through stringent manufacturing procedures.

As all of our other products, TURBINADE TA-A is assured a factory sealed high quality product as it is developed and produced by our own modern manufacturing in Ventura, CA, USA.


Use with confidence and according to recommended OEM practices. Apply a moderate amount of TURBINADE TA-A to parts to be cleaned or separated, then follow manual procedures.

Please refer to our brochures for detailed technical information as well as our other fine Roly International products or contact us for any questions you may have regarding our products.

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