Roly International SUPERTECT ST-A is so unique that it is mild enough to be applied on a person's skin as a lotion, yet the organic components of SUPERTECT ST-A are proven to protect metals against corrosion from harsh environments along with excellent light lubrication. We have taken nature's protection mechanism and formulated to work as a super protection for today's sophisticated aerospace and electronic applications. We have incorporated our own TPL-02 which is a proven protection mechanism against acids and other corrosive elements. SUPERTECT ST-A can be used very effectively on any mechanical thing that moves, from bicycles to ships at sea to spacecraft in the universal voids. This product meets Boeing D6-17487, GE 70-80-02 and Allied Signal 72-01-01 specifications.

Harsh environments include atmospheric corrosion, salt air, acid fumes, temperature extremes, various radiation. SUPERTECT ST-A will effectively protect against these harsh elements and will extend the life of the mechanisms and metal parts, especially with periodic reapplication. SUPERTECT ST-A is a self cleaner so there is no need to use any other product to clean the parts. SUPERTECT ST-A has dielectric strength meaning it affords some electrical insulation.

Using SUPERTECT ST-A will definitely save money because of the reduction of friction wear through it's excellent lubricity. Furthermore time and money are saved because the life of the machine or parts of the machine is lengthened by SUPERTECT ST-A corrosion protection.

As all of our other products, SUPERTECT ST-A is assured a factory sealed high quality product as it is developed and produced by our own modern manufacturing facility in Ventura, CA, USA.


Roly International SUPERTECT ST-A is an aerosolized liquid that is easily applied onto metal parts to be protected and lubricated and reapplied when necessary. SUPERTECT ST-A is concentrated and generally does not require large quantities. This will also save money and time. The solvent carrier takes the active ingredients deep into the small crevices of the parts and metal to afford better protection against moisture, corrosion and lubricate better.
Use in well ventilated area. Material Safety Data Sheets are available.

Please refer to our brochures for detailed technical information as well as our other fine Roly International products or contact us for any questions you may have regarding our products.

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