Roly International STATIC ELIMINATOR SE-A has a very generic name. It is designed to meet a persistent problem that has come along with the development of microelectronics. This problem is static electricity which exerts a tremendous relative force on computerized equipment. Of course, solutions to this problem include proper grounding of the equipment, wearing personal anti- static wrist bands, elimination of carpeting in computer areas, etc. However, when equipment fails due to unwanted electric charges, Roly STATIC ELIMINATOR SE-A depends on the surrounding conditions and periodic application may be necessary.

Roly STATIC ELIMINATOR SE-A is assured a factory sealed high quality product as it is developed and produced by our own modern manufacturing facility in Ventura, CA, USA.


Roly STATIC ELIMINATOR SE-A is not a water based product as most anti-static sprays. Therefore, it can be used on any surface and around the computers and other microelectronic devices.

Simply spray a small amount on the potential problem surfaces in a well ventilated area. Repeat when necessary.

Please refer to our brochures for detailed technical information as well as our other fine Roly International products or contact us for any questions you may have regarding our products.

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