Roly International SOLVENTCLEAN SC-A(3) is unlike any other safety solvent! Ours is unique because it exclusively contains THF which renders excellent cleaning and degreasing. It is compatible with water and non-aqueous compounds. Roly SOLVENTCLEAN SC-A(3) is formulated to be non-flammable so it can be used anywhere. It is clean, has low odor and it has a most powerful solvent cleaning action on metals. This cleaning action goes beyond the surface and into the crevices and thus thoroughly prepares the metal for proper coating adhesion or lubrication. Roly SOLVENTCLEAN SC-A(3) is ideal for automotive use also. It dries rapidly and there is no need for water rinsing.

As all of our other products, SOLVENTCLEAN SC-A(3) is assured a factory sealed high quality product as it is developed and produced by our own modern manufacturing facility in Ventura, CA, USA.


Wherever possible use a catch basin below the equipment to be cleaned or degreased. Apply Roly SOLVENTCLEAN SC-A(3) liberally until the parts look clean, then reapply to insure total cleansing. Use in well ventilated areas and eye and hand protection is recommended.

Please refer to our brochures for detailed technical information as well as our other fine Roly International products or contact us for any questions you may have regarding our products.

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