Roly International SG-700 is formulated as a high performance hard surface cleaner for professionals, however, it is also a great industrial paint and coating stripper. Roly SG-700 replaces 100% methylene chloride and MEK. Roly SG-700 can effectively clean metal surfaces thus environmentally considered safely replacing ketones and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It evaporates slower than other solvents and therefore cleans and strips coatings better.
SG-700 is a colorless liquid with a mild odor and with powerful solvent qualities but it is very low in toxicity and has a high flash point of 200º F. It exhibits outstanding chemical and thermal stability. Best of all Roly SG-700 is biodegradable.

Roly SG-700 can be diluted with water or most organic solvents. In it's concentrate form it has a VOC rating of 1,028 g/l but reduced with water will lower this VOC level as well as it's flash point.


Use Roly International SG-700 as an environmentally safer alternative to concentrated chlorinated solvents and ketones for paint stripping and metal cleaning. Apply in concentrated form, allow SG-700 to work, then rinse with clean solvents or water and let dry. Use environmentally acceptable waste stream treatment.

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