Roly International BIODECLEANER BC-G is an effective cleaner which removers grease, oil, tar, chewing gum and other oily soils. BIODECLEANER BC-G comes in gallon containers of 4 gallons per carton.

BIODECLEANER BC-G was developed by Roly International in answer to the challenge of offering workable alternative products to conventional solvent based cleaners and degreasers. BIODECLEANER BC-G can be mixed, diluted and rinsed with clean water; and above all it is biodegradable as well as environmentally acceptable. The major ingredient is d-lemonine, the same organic compound found in citrus plants; therefore you will detect a pleasant citrus fragrance in our BIODECLEANER BC-G.
It meets Douglas Aircraft CSD #1 specification.

BIODECLEANER BC-G can be used to replace or augment chemicals such as fluorocarbons, chlorinated solvents and glycol ethers.


Apply BIODECLEANER BC-G directly as if you would solvent degreases and cleaners, then simply rinse with clean water. BIODECLEANER BC-G is concentrated enough to enable you to dilute it with water before applying it to surfaces to be cleaned and degreased if you so desire.

Even though BIODECLEANER BC-G is generally regarded as safe and is biodegradable, it is recommended that you wear safety glasses to avoid contact with eyes and also avoid prolonged exposure to the skin as the concentrate may cause irritation.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for storage and handling cautions.

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