Roly CLEANER AC-G,-D and -T is designed as a replacement degreaser and cleaning solvent for fluorinated liquids such as fluorocarbons, chlorinated liquids such as methyl chloroform and ketones such as MEK and acetone. It also excels as a pre-cleaner.

Roly CLEANER AC- meets and exceeds government requirements regarding environmental restrictions. It is relatively low in toxicity and has a low vapor pressure of less than 0.1 mm Hg. It is therefore considered an LVP and would be exempt as a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) by California's Consumer Products Regulations.

Roly CLEANER AC- has excellent solvency characteristics with a pleasant inherent fragrance. Although it evaporates slowly, it will not leave any residue. Also desirable is the high flash point of over 177º F.

Another great feature is the high dielectric strength in excess of 25 KV. This makes it an ideal electric power cleaner.

Roly CLEANER AC- contains built-in temporary lubricity and temporary corrosion protective qualities while drying on parts surfaces.

Roly CLEANER AC- is made to meet all aspects of Boeing D6-17487 and Douglas Aircraft Company Service Document CSD#1.


Brush, wipe or spray Roly CLEANER AC- on surfaces to be cleaned, degreased or short term protected against corrosion. Excess product can be wiped with a clean dry rag. Soaking before cleaning in parts washers produces superior results.

Please review the Material Safety Data Sheet and contact Roly International for any questions you may have regarding CLEANER AC-,-D or -T.

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